About IMPORLUX French Polynesia

The Company was founded in 1978 to source, import, distribute and promote international leading fine fragrances and cosmetics brands in the French Polynesia duty-free travel retail and local market. We specialize in handling Prestige brands and products and each one we represent receives our close attention, and has the full benefit of all our experience, skills and resources.

IMPORLUX French Polynesia has over the past thirty years strengthened her position by building a large, strong and trustworthy distribution network and is now insuring the distribution of well known and luxury beauty brands in French Polynesia. With our warehouse including bonded store facilities, the storage, picking, packing and distribution of products is efficiently managed.

  • Collaborate closely with our suppliers
  • Always remain loyal and transparent
  • Follow our partners’ core values
  • Respect the brands’ image and strategy
  • Maintain a long-term partnership with our suppliers and client alike

  • Expertise in luxury fragrances distribution
  • Highly qualified commercial and marketing teams
  • Strong historical presence in the region
  • Established relationships with key clients
  • Efficient logistics and warehouse management systems with bonded store facilities

Our Executive Team


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Brand Manager


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